Automated module generation

Grades for modules will now be generated (half) automatically as soon as you have finished the last exam of the module.
Image: pixabay.com

For most of the study programmes of the University of Innsbruck module grades were calculated when you submitted a formal application to the Examination Office at the end of your studies.

LFU:online has now implemented a new feature to calculate module grades as soon as the last exam of the module is entered into the database. This triggers a grade suggestion which must be confirmed by the staff of the Examination Office.

You'll find the newly created module in your transcript of records or at LFU:online > My examinations > Exam results - it is therefore easier for you to see how far you have proceeded in your studies.

Will the module grades be calculated now for older modules?

No. Each year more than 300.000 exams are taken at the University. It is not possible to automatically create all those modules because the Examination Office must check every single module upon creation.

So there will be some generated modules and some "open" modules in your transcript. The open modules will be generated by the Examination Office when you have completed your study programme.

Which study programmes qualify for the automated module generation?

Modules can be generated automatically wherever the curriculum clearly defines the components of a module. This is the case for most bachelor's and master's programmes. There is no module generation for most old diploma programmes (teacher training programmes, Law, Pharmacy).