645212 Historical Excursion

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Historical Excursion
EX 2
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Examination of the historic space of Eastern Prussia (localization, museums, lieux de memoire), intensification of knowledge about the central historic developments from Early Modern Times to present days

Eastern Prussia is a historical space which does not exist any more. Therefore it is used widely to limit its history to certain dramatic events of 20th century history (persecution. Second World War, enforced migration). Focusing on various stages of its historical development it can be linked to the history of political spaces (the Holy Roman Empire, the Lithouanian-Polish kingdom, kingdom of Prussia, Germany and Poland 1918 – 1945; Poland and USSR/RUS after 1945/89). Emphasis will be laid on how this is reflected in museums.

Presentations of the course instructors and other local experts, preparation of historical material about the visited places.

active participation during the excursion

Andreas Kossert, Ostpreußen. Geschichte einer historischen Landschaft, München 2019.

Marion Dönhoff,  Namen, die keiner mehr nennt. Ostpreußen – Menschen und Geschichten, Reinbek 2009.



Successful completion of obligatory module 1

The excursion takes place from September 12 - 23, 2019. The attendance of the corresponding course 645.211 is mandatory. The excursion takes place in cooperation with the Ostpreußische Landesmuseum Lüneburg.

Online enrolment required.

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Date Time Location
Wed 2019-01-30
17.15 - 18.45 40718 SR 40718 SR Barrier-free Vorbesprechung