223940 SE for Doctoral Students: Empirical Research in Theology

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SE for Doctoral Students: Empirical Research in Theology
SE 2

The participants gain basic competences in empirical research within theology, in developing research questions and the application of particular qualitative-empirical questions.


The course provides the possibility of theoretical and practical support for the students’ research purpose. Beside the fundamental issue of methodical guidance and theological reflection of human experience, the students' particular projects will be handled: via specification of the research-question and a theoretical and practical introduction in qualitative research methods (interview, group discussion, participant observation, and others). Beside research-technical questions, ethical aspects will come into view.

Short presentations, conception of project designs about the actual research questions, application of different (qualitative) methods of data acquisition and interpretation.

Written reports on one’s own project

Reader on OLAT; Siegfried Lamnek, Qualitative Forschung. Lehrbuch, Weinheim 2005.
Additional literature will be announced during the course


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