800983 VU Theoretical and practical approaches of the Digital Humanities

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VU Theoretical and practical approaches of the Digital Humanities
VU 2

PhD students learn about different topics in the field of Digital Humanities, can implement practical methods and adapt them individually to their research areas.

Within the theoretical approach, several lecturers from various disciplines of the humanities will give introductions into the different areas of digital humanities. The following "hands-on" part will introduce students to three topics to gain a deeper knowledge of working in DH:

* Different data management systems with their respective merits and shortcomings.

* XML as the main data format for semistructured data and the possibilities to query data in XML

* Different analysis methods in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Finally, an algorithm for determining the thematic relevance of a document will be discussed. That should encourage students to invent their own algorithmic approaches for their research areas.

Lectures, discussions, group and individual exercises


will be announced in the course

Preference will be given to students of the Doctoral Program Austrian Studies. Other doctoral students will be nominated according to the first-come-first-served principle.


Please note that you will use your own equipment for the practical part.

not applicable

The first part of the course will be held - depending on the Covid-19 measures then applicable - during the annual retreat days of the Doctoral Program Austrian Studies (Maria Waldrast, October 22-23, 2021). The two further parts will follow in block form in November and January at the University of Innsbruck.

to be announced
Group 0
Date Time Location
Thu 2021-11-04
17.15 - 18.45 Hörsaal 3 Hörsaal 3 Barrier-free Präsenztermin
Fri 2021-11-05
09.00 - 12.00 Mehrzweckraum Mehrzweckraum Barrier-free Induction loops for hearing impaired Präsenztermin
Thu 2022-01-13
14.00 - 17.00 eLecture - online eLecture - online
Fri 2022-01-14
09.00 - 12.00 eLecture - online eLecture - online