Study applications

Version: 2020-03-18

How do I make an online applicaton for a study programme?

The University of Innsbruck is striving to introduce online applications for all study programmes. For the time being the system of online application / registration is available for the following programmes:

  • Study programmes with special admission procedures
  • Bachelor's programmes, teacher training programmes, diploma programmes, master's programmes and doctoral programmes (for EEA citizens), mobility programmes for international students
Online applications are not available for all other programmes. For general information on admission to study programmes please refer to Admission to Study Programmes.


Online application

The online application procedure consists of three or four steps:

  1. Registration for special admission procedures
  2. Application
  3. The Admission Department will process the application and make a decision
  4. Your personal admission in the Admission Department (in case of a positive decision)

1. Registration for special admission procedures

The University of Innsbruck makes use of special admission procedures to select the best students if there are too many applicants. These procedures apply only to a small number of programmes - all other applications start with the second step. For detailed information on the University's special admission procedures please refer to Admission procedures.

The special admission procedures depend on the study programme - the application wizard will guide you through all necessary steps:

  • Online Self Assessment: This test is designed to help you assess your knowldedge and interests (only for some programmes).
  • Handling fee: You must pay the handling fee to take part in the selection process (for all programmes).
  • Entrance examination: If there are more applications than study places there will be an entrance examination to select the best candidates (only for some programmes).
If you have successfully passed the special admission procedures, continue with the next step. Applicants for master's programmes and applicants from outside the European Economic Area will have to take step 1 (registration) and 2 (application) at the same time.

2. Application

If you want to become a student of the University of Innsbruck, you have to upload all required documents and provide all information requested. A typical online application looks like this:

  • Application for a regular programme: Choose your study programme among all study programmes offered by the University of Innsbruck. Start your application by clicking the button Apply ONLINE.

  • Application for a temporary programme in the framework of a mobility programme: Choose the mobility programme offered by the University of Innsbruck that you wish to participate in. First select the country of your home university, then the mobility programme and at last the partner study programme at the University of Innsbruck.

  • Choose the semester in which you wish to commence your studies. You can still decide at that point whether you want to commence a regular study programme or a mobility programme.

  • Now you can see which information to provide and which documents to upload. Please complete every single step. At the end of the list you can see the application deadline.

    Please carefully read all instructions in the forms!

  • As soon as all elements are checked, you can submit your application. The application is then forwarded to the department in charge.

In LFU:online you can find your applications at My study applications. So you don't have to complete and submit your application in one go; you can interrupt at any time and continue where you've stopped.

3. Decision

It depends on various aspects how your application will be processed and decided. There are applications that are decided in the blink of an eye; however, there are others that will require several weeks to be completed. Applications for the closest future semester will be processed first; applications for later semesters will normally not be processed until all applications for the prior semester have been decided.

The final result of each application is a decision made by the Admission Department. You will be notified when you can access the decision inside your application.

4. Admission

In order to enrol you have to pay a personal visit to the Admission Department of the University of Innsbruck.

Please note that the decision will expire after a stated period of time!
Dates and deadlines
Please don't forget the printed (positive) decision and all original documents and photo copies of all original documents. The Admission Department will check all original documents and grant you admission to the University (if everything is OK). From this moment on you are an official student of the University of Innsbruck! Welcome!

If you already are a student of the University, using the online application will spare you from coming to the Admission Department in most cases.

General Information on Admission Procedures

Documents for online application

It depends on your specific application which documents to upload. There is a number of available document types which will be described in the following paragraphs:

Bachelor's certificate

The bachelor's certificate is the official proof that you have successfully completed a bachelor's programme. If you apply for a master's programme at the University of Innsbruck, you must upload your bachelor's certificate under the category Qualification.

Command of English

For some study programmes you must produce evidence of your command of English. The University of Innsbruck accepts the following documents or valid language certificates (not older than two years) as prove of your command of English:

Command of German

If you are not a German native speaker, you will have to give evidence of your command of the German language in order to apply for a bachelor's or diploma programme at the University of Innsbruck. We accept the Austrian an German language diploma, such as:

  • Austrian Language Diploma German - Intermediate level (ÖSD-M)
  • Goethe Institute - Zentrale Mittel- bzw. Oberstufenprüfung (ZMP, ZOP)
You can take the German language exam at the University of Innsbruck. There are preparation classes for this exam organised by the Language Centre of the University of Innsbruck (liable to charges).

Curriculum vitae

The CV should give a complete picture of your school and academic career. Together with your academic transcripts the University of Innsbruck can assess your prior studies. It depends on your specific application if you have to upload your curriculum vitae.

There is a sample CV here.

Data on the doctoral thesis project

In order to apply for a doctoral programme, you must give some information on your doctoral thesis project. This comprises:

  • Supervisors
  • Department
  • Working title of the doctoral thesis
  • Synopsis
All entries are optional but they help to process your application and reach a quick decision. The Admission Department can thus contact your supervisors and have them assess your prior studies.

Diploma supplement

Students receive their diploma supplement on completing their university studies together with their certificate. The diplomca supplement describes the study programme in a standardised manner in order to make programmes easier to compare. If your diploma supplement has not yet been issued by your university, please contact the competent authorities.

You need the diploma supplement to apply for a master's or doctoral programme at the University of Innsbruck.

There is a sample diploma supplement here.

For further reading please refer here.

Doctoral certificate

The doctoral certificate is the official proof that you have successfully completed a doctoral or PhD programme. You can upload your doctoral certificate under the category Qualification.

Learning Agreement

The learning agreement is a study contract between your home university and the University of Innsbruck stating all courses you will have to pass when you come to Innsbruck through a mobility programme.

Master's or diploma certificate

The master's or diploma certificate is the official proof that you have successfully completed a master's or diploma programme. If you apply for a doctoral programme at the University of Innsbruck, you must upload your master's certificate under the category Qualification.


If you want to write some sort of letter to the University, compose a message and send it to one of the available addressees. The message will be forwarded to the University together with your application. You can send messages at any stage of the application process, even after the file has been closed.


The nomination is the official letter of your home university declaring that you take part in a mobility programme with the University of Innsbruck. You must upload this personalised letter for your application.

Other document

You can use this category to upload any kind of document that you consider relevant for your application.

Passport/identity card

The passport or identity card is required to check your nationality and identity. The passport must be uploaded together with your first application. It must not be expired.

Personal data sheet

It depends on your specific application which additional data is necessary. The following information may be requested:

  • Prior studies in Austria and your Austrian registration number
  • Austrian social security number
  • Name and academic degrees
  • Address
  • Mother tongue: If your mother tongue is not in the list, enter it in the field Other.


You need a photograph if this is your first online application. The photograph must meet the following criteria:

  • The photo should be 35 mm x 45 mm in size.
  • Your head must cover app. 2/3 of the picture.
  • The photo must not be older than six months and you must be clearly recognisable.
  • The photo must be in colour.
  • The photo must be intact, clean and well lit (no red eyes).
  • Holiday pictures (e.g. selfie with Miss Liberty in the background) or similar pics will not be accepted.
For more detail refer here.

Proof of a place to study

This document confirms that you are entitled to study the selected study programme at a recognised university in the country where your secondary school leaving certificate/study certificate was issued. You will receive the proof

  • directly at the recognised university or
  • through a centralised allocation service (eg. China, Turkey) or
  • through an entrance exam.
You don't need this document if
  • you are a EEA citizen
  • hold a school leaving certificate issued in a member country of the EEA
  • have graduated in a member country of the EEA and want to apply for a follow-up programme at the University of Innsbruck.

Proof of biology lessons

For some programmes in the natural sciences (biology, pharmacy, earth sciences) you have to prove that you have successfully attended biology classes of at least 4 hours per week after the 8th grade. The University of Innsbruck accepts the following documents:

  • Secondary school leaving certificate including the syllabus, or
  • All end-of-year reports after the 8th grade (merged into one file), or
  • An official confirmation from the school


You need a specific level of qualification to apply for a study programme. You can either choose one of the stored qualifications or upload new entries. It depends on the kind of programme which level will be required:

Secondary school leaving certificate

The secondary school leaving certificate is the offical proof that you have successfully completed your school career. If you apply for a bachelor's or diploma programme at the University of Innsbruck, you must upload your secondary school leaving certificate under the category Qualification. You can also upload other equivalent documents such as the university entrance certificate.


All new entrants at public universites in Austria must provide data on specific aspects (job, level of education). This information will be forwarded to Statistics Austria.

Transcript of records

The transcript of records lists all your academic achievements and is issued by your university. You will be asked to upload the transcript for master's or doctoral programmes

There is a sample transcript of records here.