8 digits

As of 16 May 2017 all registration numbers at the University of Innsbruck will consist of 8 digits.
Image: pixabay.com

For many decades Austrian university registration numbers have consisted of 7 digits. Since there are political plans to use the university number system for all types of higher education institutions, seven digits will no longer suffice to provide all future students with a registration number.

For this reason all new registration numbers must consist of 8 digits starting this coming winter term 2017 and all existing registration numbers must get an additional eighth digit in the month of May.

The University of Innsbruck will change the number system on Tuesday, 16 May 2017.

What do the new registration numbers look like?

There will be a leading "0" in front of the old registration number - e.g. 8617343 becomes 08617343.

New registration numbers in the winter term 2017 will show the type of the issuing higher education institution in the first digit (1, 2, 3 University, 4 University college of education, 5 University of applied sciences, 6 Private university). The second and third digit stands for the academic year when the registration number was issued. The remaining digits are a simple counter.

What's new for students?

Actually not much - as of 16 May only 8 digit numbers may be used. It is not necessary to re-issue "old" documents and the student card.

What's new for lecturers and administration?

Not much, either - as of 16 May only 8 digit numbers may be used: for all grade lists, certificates and inside all VIS:online administrative tools.