Never miss a date again

The new overview of booking periods can help you to keep an eye on exam dates and booking periods.
Image: pixabay.com

There are thousands of exams and courses with new and updated dates and deadlines - it is really hard not to get lost. From now on you can use LFU:online > Courses > Overview booking periods to filter dates and deadlines for booking periods and exams:

  • Choose whether you want to find bookings for courses and/or exams.
  • You can also specify a time range: all current and future bookings or just the bookings in a specific period.
  • Select one or more faculties, one or more study programmes to limit the results to a smaller area.
  • Define a sort order for the result list.
Now click Show to display the dates and deadlines.

Note: You can bookmark the result list - this weblink is a permanent link for your filtered list...

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