Information about Login

Starting from April 2, 2024, the login process for LFU:online will be transitioned to the central authentication platform of the university. For LFU:online users, this means a change in the login interface: Instead of the usual fields where you enter your username and password, you will now only find a button. Clicking on this button will redirect you to the university's authentication portal. There, you can enter your login credentials as usual. The authentication portal has the web address "" - please make sure to provide your data only on this page when logging into LFU:online.
After the transition, the option for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will also be available for LFU:online. We recommend activating this feature in the account portal as soon as possible: A second authentication factor will be mandatory for students in the upcoming weeks.
For external users who use their private email address as their username, Two-Factor Authentication is currently not available.

Further Information

Help with Two-Factor Authentication
Setting up Two-Factor Authentication
Forgot Password? (University members)
Forgot Password? (External users)

If you encounter any login problems, please use our support form.