Apply online for master's programmes

Starting this summer semester 2017 it is possible to apply online for master's programmes
Image: pixabay.com

The admission period begins on 9 January 2017 at the University of Innsbruck. This is also when online application for master's programmes will be made available to the public.

Just like submitting online applications for bachelor's and diploma programmes in the winter semester 2016, you can now apply online for master's programmes through LFU:online. The workflow remains basically the same: Choose your master's programme among the programmes offered by the University of Innsbruck and click Apply ONLINE. Just follow the instructions of the application assistant, upload all required documents and in the end send it to the Admission Department.

The Admission Department will process your application. In many cases it will be necessary to assess your prior studies - this will be performed by the competent curricular staff. The time to reach a decision on your application will depend on the complexity of your specific case.

When everything is done, you will be informed through LFU:online. If the decision is positive, you may enrol in the desired master's programme...


For the time being, online application is only possible for citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA). Prospective students from other countries can refer here for information on admission to master's programmes.

Application for programmes with special admission procedures such as the master's programme Psychology are to be submitted through a special application platform. For information on these programmes please refer here.