Overall exam registration on your mobile phone

Overall exam registration has finally received a design makeover and now meets the new design guidelines of the University.
Image: pixabay.com

At the beginning of 2016 LFU:online became responsive, i.e. it automatically fits into the screen of your device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone). The overall exam registration and the SOWI point booking were left out at the time and kept their old-fashioned look and feel.

In a big redesign effort LFU:online has rebuilt the overall exam registration from scratch following responsive design guideslines. You can now easily register for overall exams on your mobile phone.

Up till now overall exam registration has been under the exclusive control of the Examinations Office - from now on even the departments can administrate their own overall exams. This makes it possible to offer online overall exam registration for other study programmes such as Psychology, Sport and master's programmes in Business Studies.

The new overall exam registration can be found at LFU:online > My bookings & Overall exam registration. The complete list of your registrations so far is available at LFU:online > My bookings > My overall exam registrations.

The SOWI point booking is now the last relic from the older days and will be dealt with during the summer...