146012 EX Excursion to Myanmar

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EX Excursion to Myanmar
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Excursion to Myanmar to study her history, culture, economics and politics
written tests
Charney, Michael W.: A History of Modern Burma, Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press 2009. Chin, Ko-lin: The Golden Triangle: inside Southeast Asia’s drug trade, Ithaka, NY: Cornell University Press 2009. Fink, Christina: Surviving under military rule, Chiang Mai/ Thailand: Silkworm Books 2009. Lintner, Bertil: Burma in Revolt. Opium and Insurgency since 1948. Nachdruck, Chiang Mai/Thailand: Silkworm Books 2003. Smith, Martin: Burma, Insurgency and the Politics of Ethnicity, London: Zed Books 1999.
9. Oktober - 23. Oktober 2010