432160 VO Economic and Social History: Globalization

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VO Economic and Social History: Globalization
VO 2
Knowledge: students acquire resp. deepen economic and social historical basic and advanced knowledge, especially in the context of globalization Comprehension: students acquire resp. deepen their comprehension of the relevance of historical cases for recent challenges and the importance of historically shaped trends and structures for future developments as well as for global and interdisciplinary connections, especially in the context of globalization Critique: students acquire resp. deepen the ability to critical discussion of theoretical concepts, empirical realities and communicated contents
A) Introduction: (1) Basics of historical and economic methods; (2) What is globalization?; (3) theoretical positions about "globalization" and "development" in past and present B) Description of processes of globalization and development: (4) recent globalization and sustainable development; (5) globalization after 1945 and globalization (crisis) in the inter-war period; (6) globalization in the 19th century; (7) early modern globalization; (8) proto-globalization before 1500 C) Reflective integration: (9) systematic connection of the empirical material with the content of the introductory units; (10) concluding critical reflection of recent dynamics of globalization and development
Lecture, discussion, group work elements, voluntary presentations
written exam (Modulprüfung)
Background literature: - Bordo, Michael D. et al. (eds.): Globalization in historical perspective. Chicago/IL: University of Chicago Press, 2003. - Held, David et al. (eds.): The global transformations reader: An introduction to the globalization debate. Cambridge/UK: Polity Press, 2007 (2nd edition) - O'Rourke, Kevin H./Williamson, Jeffrey G.: Globalization and history: The evolution of a nineteenth-century Atlantic economy / Kevin H. O'Rourke and. – Cambridge/MA: MIT Press, 1999. - Osterhammel, Jürgen /Petersson, Niels P.: Globalization: A short history. Princeton/NJ: Princeton University Press, 2005. Additional further readings to be announced during the lecture. Further, there is a course reserve list in the Sowi library.
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Fri 2011-04-01
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Fri 2011-04-08
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Fri 2011-05-13
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