603085 M.A. thesis seminar

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M.A. thesis seminar
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Students about to embark on their M.A. thesis (or former degree regulations: Diploma thesis) will prepare themselves conceptually and thematically for formal registration and supervision.
Topic focus, research question, theoretical perspectives, research design, project planning.
Moderated peer-group presentation and discussion; tasks for completion between sessions; progress reports by M.A. and Diploma students already accepted for supervision; step-by-step preparation of an M.A./Diploma thesis portfolio in prescribed format.
Regular and active participation; theme-relevant literature search and presentations, leading to the preparation of an M.A./Diploma thesis portfolio (where no portfolio emerges, a reflexion essay) to be handed in at the latest at the last session (basis for decision to accept for supervision).
Emerges in process, according to the prospective theme; independent literature search is a precondition for successful participation.
Sessions do not take place at exactly 14-day intervals; the full schedule will be available at the first session. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Chisholm's office is on the second floor of the Institute of Educational Science, Liebeneggstrasse 8. Please direct all queries to her secretariat (next to her office). Provisional session schedule: 14:00 – 15:30: 15.03.11; 29.03.11; 12.04.11; 03.05.11; 07.06.11; 28.06.11 and on 18.05.11, 09:00 – 10:30
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