800906 Portfolio of Achievements (E-Portfolio)

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Portfolio of Achievements (E-Portfolio)
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Preparation of a portfolio of achievements/e-Portfolio
Entering professional life digital portfolios increasingly replace traditional application papers with résumé and references. Portfolios not only show milestones of education and professional life, they also enable the presentation of the paths that made these steps possible or the demonstration of the learning processes. Electronic portfolios in addition facilitate the integration of multimedia and the cross-linkage to information and communication technologies or social software. In this course participants will prepare a portfolio of achievements based on Europortfolio and discuss the milestones of their thesis with colleagues and other participants of the course in an adequate portfolio management system.
Short lectures, exercises off- and online, collaboration, contribution to the discussion.
Preparation of a portfolio of achievements and constant contribution to the discussion of the thesis.
Europortfolio, http://www.eife-l.org/about/europortfolio, 2009; Graham Attwell, e-Portfolios – the DNA of the Personal Learning Environment?, [http://www.pontydysgu.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/eportolioDNAofPLEjournal.pdf] 2007; Hellen Barrett, E-Portfolios for Learning, http://blog.helenbarrett.org/, 2010.
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Fri 2011-03-11
09.00 - 15.00 SR 10 (Sowi) SR 10 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Fri 2011-04-08
09.00 - 14.00 SR 10 (Sowi) SR 10 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Fri 2011-05-06
12.00 - 16.00 SR 10 (Sowi) SR 10 (Sowi) Barrier-free