436350 VU Service and Tourism Behaviour

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VU Service and Tourism Behaviour
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This course introduces master students to consumer behavior issues. By attending this course students will know how to apply a number of relevant consumer behavior theories and models to various service contexts. Students will be able to use this knowledge to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate consumers’ and mangers’ behavior in practice.
This course focuses on the concepts and measurement of consumers’ response behavior (e.g., emotions, attitudes, satisfaction, and loyalty) using consumer behavior theories and models. A special emphasis is put on personal traits, for instance, personality, involvement, innovativeness, and how they affect marketing decisions. In the seminar, concepts and theoriesof the lecture are applied using real-world examples. The service purchase decision process is investigated including the pre-purchase, service encounter and post-encounter stage.A focus is placed on the following issues: -How do customers think, feel, reason and select between different purchase alternatives? -Does the service environment influence response behavior? -How can managers deal with customer perceptions and expectations to create service quality and customer satisfaction? The focus of this class is on face-to face service contexts.
Case studies and mini projects, which are prepared individually or in groups not only demand the students’ ability to integrate acquired knowledge and handle complexity. Students also need to search for additional information and to formulate judgments with incomplete or limited information. Problem detection and formulation, the selection of relevant data sources as well as innovative reasoning in the search for problem solutions are trained. Oral student presentations and the receipt of constructive feedback by lecturers and peers enhance the students’ communications skills.
Excursions, executive lectures, group project, individual paper presentation, class participation, exam.
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13.06.2012, 09.00-13.00 Uhr, Jenbach
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Mon 2012-04-23
09.00 - 12.45 SR 13 (Sowi) SR 13 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Thu 2012-05-10
09.00 - 12.45 SR 13 (Sowi) SR 13 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Thu 2012-05-10
14.00 - 16.45 SR 13 (Sowi) SR 13 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Mon 2012-05-14
09.00 - 12.45 SR 19 (Sowi) SR 19 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Wed 2012-06-20
09.00 - 10.45 SR 12 (Sowi) SR 12 (Sowi) Barrier-free