706910 Special Lecture 1 (AT): Galaxy Groups (part 1)

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Special Lecture 1 (AT): Galaxy Groups (part 1)
VO 2
The course is intended for advanced students. Its goal is to offer a panoramic view of the main properties of groups of galaxies, with particular emphasis on compact galaxy groups, and to give an overview of the use of spectrophotometric and photometric techniques for the investigation of the physical phenomena that take place in the group environment.
1. General introduction on the Local Group and the galaxy systems in the local Universe. 2. Galaxy groups: Definitions and observational properties. 3. Physical phenomena within galaxy groups investigated through photometry and spectroscopy: tidal interactions, galaxy merging, star formation, nuclear activity, interaction effects on galaxy kinematics, multiwavelength radiation emission. 4. Group dynamics: Velocity dispersion, mass determination, present views of group evolution. 5. Galaxy groups at higher redshifts: The role of galaxy surveys.
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