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Orientation Course
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The goal of this brief is to give students the ability to express their ideas formally. This means that someone should learn the formal bases by which the discipline of architecture and urbanism organises its material organisation like buildings or cities. Secondary all exercise should led towards forms of representation of their formal exercise (plan, section, axonometric, etc…). Two achievements should be maid: to deal with single objects based on formal strategies of mass and voids to produce figures, and multiplication or proliferation of mass and voids to form fields.
"The Course will consist of a series of formal exercise. The intention of these exercises is to address the formal principle of architecture expressed by different disciplinary problems like: solid-void, figure-ground, volume-surface, figure-fields. Exercises: 1.) produce a solid figure and a void figure 2.) produce a void figure within a solid figure 3.) produce a poche figure out of two void figures 4.) produce a field through the repetition of the identical solid figure. 5.) produce a poche field by the repetition of a similar void figure. 6.) produce a field trough through identical solid and void figures. 7.) produce a poche field by variation of solid and void figures 8.) consider the last field as a plan and a section and produce a 3d figurative field all exercises are scale less or scale to 1:1 and will be produced on A3 (3 Sternblätter) and will be based on geometrical figures based on lines, surface and volumes. Drawings will be made by H2, H, HB, 2B pencils. Every solid is to be painted with black ink. "
The applied Methodology for this Teaching course is the psychological theory of the Gestalt. This theory was re-originated in many other disciplines and defines primarily the relationship between figure and their ground. Within architecture this figure ground methodology is the bases for any formal approach within architecture and urbanism.
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