720920 Methodology (A)

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Methodology (A)
KO 2

After the successful completion of this module, students possess in-depth knowledge of scientific research methods and can critically reflect on them in relation to those approaches in the theory of science relevant for the history and current state of psychology. Additionally, students are familiar with the elaborate methods of data collection and data analysis in psychology that are characteristic of current research. They have very good methodical competences and are able to apply them to the solution of central questions in research and/or occupational practice.

Conversation classes are used for reporting on the progress of the research and intensive scientific discussion with the supervisor about occurred problem areas and specific questions.

Presentation and discussion on dissertation progress with the thesis advisor. Final written project work.

Courses with continuous assessment, in which the assessment is based on regular written and oral contributions of the participants.

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

An individual appointment with the course teacher (supervisor of the PhD-thesis) during the semester is recommended.

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