124191 Icelandic Language and Culture I

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Icelandic Language and Culture I
UE 2
each semester

Prerequisites: none
Language Learning:
At this level the learner can introduce himself/herself and others and answer questions about personal details, e.g. where he/she lives, where he/she comes from; he/she can interact in a very basic way, if the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

This course provides a survey of Iceland's history, literature and culture. The learner can cope with Icelandic society.

greeting; introducing yourself; in a café; family, indicating the time

Linguistic Goals:
to greet and say goodbye; to tell your name and enquire about somebody's name; to say where you come from; to express what you are doing/can do in Iceland and how you like it; cardinal numbers - to indicate your age and enquire about somebody's age; to talk about how many languages you speak; to order something; to ask for something politely; to thank somebody; to offer something; to talk about your family; to ask for/tell the exact time Structural Goals: the use of subject pronouns (ég, þú, hann, hún) - to talk about people; the present tense indicative conjugation of the verb “heita” ("be called") - to say your name; the interrogative pronoun “hvað” - to enquire about somebody's name; countries (nominative and dative) - to ask about someone's origin; the verbs „vera“ (to be), „koma“ (come) and the prepositions „frá“ - to talk about where you come from; declination of the adjectives „gamall“, „gömul“ - to indicate your age; languages and the verb „tala“ (speak) - to indicate which languages you speak; the formal/polite phrase „Má ég fá” etc. - to order something; the verb „eiga“ - to talk about possession; possessive pronoun “mín”, “minn”; “þín”, “þinn” - to indicate possession; family members - to talk about family relationships; “Hvað er klukkan” - to enquire about the time; “Klukkan er“ - to be able to answer a question; the preposition „eftir“, „í“ - to indicate the exact time

Icelandic history from its beginnings to the present day; reading translations of Icelandic literature; aspects of Icelandic society; the Edda and Nordic mythology; Icelandic films: Hrafninn flygur, Englar alheimsins, 101 Reykjavík

interactive language instruction
own material
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