198915 Introductory course on application debugging

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Introductory course on application debugging
VU 1

At the end of the course, participants should understand the principals of testing, error detection and error removal and be able to apply basic debugging strategies on current operating systems (Linux). Participants acquire an overview of available tools (with an emphasis on symbolic debuggers) and will know how to apply them for a range of problem cases.

The course is intended for all C/C++ and Fortran application programmers interested in learning the key principals of program testing, error identification and de-bugging (= "bug"/error removal). It will not only cover the main ingredients of debugging approaches, such as post-mortem inspection and flow control, but also try to provide guidelines for efficient error detection and the production of reliable and robust code. The course will also provide an introduction to the debugging of parallel applications (MPI, OpenMP and hybrid) with the aid of the TotalView debugger.

Lecture and computer exercises

Combined: number of solved programming exercises and their presentation, exam at the end of the semster

A minimal knowledge of procedural programming languages (preferrably  C/C++ or Fortran) is required. A basic understanding of parallel programming paradigms, more specifically OpenMP and MPI will be helpful.

not applicable

This course is offered by the Scientific Computing Focal Point in collaboration with the Information Technology Services (ZID) of the University of Innsbruck.

The lecture is organized as a block course, and will take place during the last three weeks of the semester. The exact dates will be determined by vote via the following Doodle link (please add at least first name and initials):


Group 0
Date Time Location
Fri 2014-06-13
09.00 - 14.00 rr 19 rr 19 Barrier-free
Fri 2014-06-20
09.00 - 14.00 rr 19 rr 19 Barrier-free
Fri 2014-06-27
09.00 - 14.00 rr 19 rr 19 Barrier-free