324935 Law - Culture - History: Legal history as cultural history

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Law - Culture - History: Legal history as cultural history
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A better knowledge of legal history should enhance the students’ understanding for the interdependence of law and society.

Due to the so called “cultural turn” in humanities and social sciences, the „(new) cultural history“ has become popular since the nineties of the 20th century and has led to a broadening of the concept and meaning of “culture”. After a theoretic and historical introduction the seminar deals with the question to which extent this concept can be productive also for legal history and whether respectively to which extent the German and Austrian legal history has achieved significant accomplishments (e.g. within the areas of the history of criminal law, diplomatic history, constitutional history, …)

Lecture and discussion.

Presentation of a paper and contributions to the discussion

Selected literature (depending on chosen topic)

Enrolment with LFU-online

block seminar

orientation and preliminary discussion on 3. 3. 2013, time: 18:00; room 2025 (main building, 2nd floor, east wing)

Further appointments will be announced.

n.V., Seminarraum 2025