437209 Information Systems

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Information Systems
PS 2
each semester

Ability to implement information and communication systems; Practical knowledge of appropriate software

Practical application of theories, concepts, and models

Presentations, case studies, independent study, exercises, group work, written exams, tutorials

oral and written

Maier, R., Hädrich, T., Peinl, R.: Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures, Berlin 2005.
Hansen, H. R., Neumann, G.: Wirtschaftsinformatik I, 9th edn., Stuttgart 2005.
Watson, R.T.: Data Management. Data Bases and Organizations, 5th edn, New York 2006.
Further literature: Faeskorn-Woyke, H., Bertelsmeier, B., Riemer, R., Bauer, E.: Datenbanksysteme. Pearson Studium. München, 2007.

Further literature will be provided in the lecture

participation requirements see curricula