715422 Tracer experiments in hydrogeology

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Tracer experiments in hydrogeology
VU 2

This lecture goes through the basics of tracer hydrogeology and its application to the practice and fundamental research. A two day excursion shall enable to get familiar with the different techniques and instrumentation available. An additional day is planned in the laboratory for analytical work

Background on groundwater flow and transport, review of available tracers, legal background.

4-6.06.2014 (depending on snow conditions)

2 day field work followed by 1 day lab work at university of Innsbruck


e.g. Käss W, 2004. Geohydrologische Markierungstechnik, 2nd Edition, Lehrbuch der Hydrogeologie 9, Gebrüder Bornträger, Berlin, Suttgart.
Leibundgut C., Maloszewski P., Külls C., 2009. Tracers in hydrology. Wiley and Blackwell.

not applicable

The course is limited to 14 participants. Master students will be considered first but BSc students who followed the introductory course to hydrogeology are welcome to inquire.

Costs (travel and accomodation) are at charge of the participants.

4.-6.6.2014 (4.-5. Gelände 6.6. Labor), Obstanser (Osttirol)