825070 Urban Development - Urban Design

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Urban Development - Urban Design
SE 3

Perception of the landscape and its features. Building in and with the landscape under ecological conditions. Deepening of the designing and creative skills in landscape architectural design and recognition of the interplay between nature, architecture and people.

Landscape Lab

Cantercel is an experimental ground for architecture in the Languedoc in southern France. It extends over 30 hectares, of which approximately 6 acres are buildable. Cantercel belongs politically to La Vacquerie de Saint Martin de Castrie and is located about 60 km inland from Montpellier in a hilly landscape at about 700 meters above sea level.


The aim of Cantercel is on the one hand to generate a place of human activities and surveying by the potential of the natural terrain and on the other hand to create a place for eco- conscious living.

In Cantercel there is currently a studio for architecture, few warehouse and factory buildings, two residential buildings and a small hostel. There are consistently organized lectures, musical and landscaping workshops. Longer-term workshops will take place only in summer, as there are no accommodations.

For some time the aim of the users is to establish international cooperations, to discuss the interaction of architecture and landscape. But for that it needs accommodations.

To support this request, an intensification of the already existing cooperation with Innsbruck is sought. The idea is to invite architecture students to use their skills regarding Urban Design and Landscape Architecture and to widen them.

Therefore the aim of the Seminars is to design accommodations for 20 - 30 people in Cantercel. The natural environment is to be placed in the centre and a dialogue between the landscape and human must be made. The aim of the project is also to preserve the quality and originality (authenticity) of the remaining natural spaces, but to make it usable with methods and innovations in the field of design, technology and the arts for the people in an acceptable form to generate a place of human activities. These ecological relationships have to be encouraged and not destroyed; a local value-added is a key requirement in view of the social context.

A workshop of three to four days on site is planned. Funding has already been investigated. The landscape laboratory will tell if there will be several or only one design. In any case an interdisciplinary development and a common local implementation of the design or the best design is the goal. There are already investors.

The landscape laboratory serves as a platform for exchange of information and ideas to be developed, there will be researched and discussed.



Research-led teaching with practical relevance.

Basic research, ideation, design of landscape architectural concept and architectural design. Integration into the landscape laboratory (platform for information exchange and discussion).  

Design process and the consequential project. Presentation.

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Start: Monday, 10.03.14, 9.00 Uhr, Institute

Montag 10.3.14, 09.00 Uhr, Institut