846695 Excusion for/with Civil-Engineers

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Excusion for/with Civil-Engineers
EX 2
each semester

Deepening of theoretical knowledge content based on practical examples. Interdisciplinary overall assessment of projects (in addition to the individual excursions of the working areas). Contact opportunities with graduates / practitioners.

"Bridging to Practice."
The excursions offer a most comprehensive, cross-curricular project information (information of realization) of the visited projects in different disciplines of the construction industry.

Documents depending on the excursion destinations.
To confirm your participation in the pre-and post-processing (final reports) and possibly project presentations are necessary during the excursion.

Are required to attend the field trips.

"Confirmation" on course certificate for 2 hours excursion in soft skills module 2.

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

not applicable

17.03.2014  /  17:15 - 18:15 Uhr  -  introduction

28.04. - 30.04.2014  Exkursion to Vienna

28.4.2013  8:20 Uhr off IBK;

14:30 Uhr Introduction and tour major project North Hospital Vienna http://www.wienkav.at/kav/khn-pm/


Introduction and tour Campus WU Vienna http://www.campuswu.at/de/

Indroduction an tour "Seestadt Aspern" http://www.aspern-seestadt.at/


Introduction and tour  Vienna-Central-Station

15:30 off Vienna (19:40 Uhr IBK an)

10.06.2014  10:00 Uhr IVB-Regionalbahn (Introduction and tour)

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Mon 2014-03-17
17.15 - 18.00 SR Container 1 SR Container 1 Einführungsveranstaltung