103208 Concepts of Media Competence and Media Education

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Concepts of Media Competence and Media Education
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In the view of recent developments within the media system such as the increasing importance of Social Media and Web 2.0 applications, the massive integration of different types of media as well as their mobile use, it seems to be time for reconsidering such a concept of media competence which is bound to the traditional system of mass media.

The lecture aims at rethinking the concept of media competence considering the actual developments of mass media mentioned above, analysing the cultural relevance of media and their function concerning the formation of identity as well as calling into question the implicit media-orientation of pedagogical subject-constructions. Additionally, the students have to analyse traditional theoretical approaches concerning media competence in order to reveal their implicit presuppositions.

The concept of media competence traces back to the idea of a sovereign subject emerging especially from the era of enlightenment. In terms of this idea, the sovereign subject has always been regarded as a media actor. The sovereign subject created different types of characteristic public spheres and the condition for participating therein has always been a specific media competence. This context has existed at least since the invention of the printing press and the public sphere even today represents the background for pedagogical considerations of the relation between types of identity and media-based self-fashioning. According to that, we talk about the implicit evaluation of media.
At the latest within the terms of Web 2.0, the structural preconditions of media competence have changed significantly because, on the one hand, new types of public sphere have arisen and, on the other hand, completely different types of media competences are required. Against this background, we have to fundamentally reconsider the notion of media competence.


The lecture focuses on three aspects:

• a reconsideration of the concepts of subjectivity and sovereignty, of the communicative competence and of the model of interactivity;

• the analysis of the existing theoretical concepts of media competence; and

• the analysis of the competences required by Web 2.0 applications.

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