402590 SE Political System of the European Union

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SE Political System of the European Union
SE 2

This course provides an introduction to the academic study and the practice of international sanctions. It analyses the development of sanctions scholarship, identifies its deficits and discusses current challenges

This course provides an introduction to the sanctions policy of the European Union, contextualing it both in the framework of international sanctions research and the foreign policy action of the EU. It examines the historical development of sanctions research, the production of different types of sanctions by the EU and controversies associated with them. By the end of this course the students will be able to:

-        understand the development and role of the EU sanctions practice in the context of its foreign policy;

-        locate the main political and legal debates on sanctions within the international security scholarship;

-        identify the governance actors and mechanisms involved in the development of EU sanctions policy;

-        analyse and assess current problems of sanctions policies.

Evaluation of the literature and qualitative analysis of class materials 

Essay and class participation

Portela, C. (2010) European Union Sanctions and Foreign Policy, Routledge: London: Baldwin, D.A. (1999) ‘The Sanctions Debate and the Logic of Choice’, International Security 24(4); Jones, S. G. (2007) The Rise of European Security Co-operation, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (chapter 4): Tostensen, A. and Bull, B. (2002) “Are smart sanctions feasible?”, World Politics 54(3)

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