408511 Theory-driven qualitative empirical social and policy research

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Theory-driven qualitative empirical social and policy research
SE 2

This seminar deals with the inter-linkage of theoretical positions and empirical research questions; theoretical positions and their resulting consequences for qualitative empirical research are discussed. The aim of the module is developing skills for tackling with the bearing of sociological theory on empirical research and vice versa (according to MA study curriculum §6.)

In this seminar, we read and discuss classical and current literature on the sociology of knowledge and the sociology of science, in particular on the sociology of Robert K. Merton. Moreover, participants formulate theory-driven research proposals on topics of the sociology of knowledge and of science that will be reflected in their theoretical and methodical implications. At the end of the study term participants will have gained basic knowledge on the sociology of science and have deepened their practical skills and experience in qualitative methods of empirical social research.

Introductory lecture; individual and collective exercises; interactive e-learning forum.

For grading the following criteria apply: short texts on the literature (ca. 30%); research draft, oral presentation and written peer review (ca. 20%); research design (ca. 40%); additional works (ca. 10%).

Felt, Ulrike, Nowotny, Helga, Taschwer, Klaus (1995): Wissenschaftsforschung. Eine Einführung, Frankfurt/New York: Campus

Merton, Robert K. (1985): Entwicklung und Wandel von Forschungsinteressen. Aufsätze zur Wissenssoziologie, Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp.

Merton, Robert K. (1968): Social Theory and Social Structure, 2nd edition, Glencoe: Free Press (dt. Soziologische Theorie und soziale Struktur, Berlin/ New York: de Gruyter 1995).

Merton, Robert K. (1973): The Sociology of Science. Theoretical and Empirical Investigations, Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press.

Weingart, Peter (2003): Wissenschaftssoziologie, Bielefeld: transcript.

Further literature will be provided in the course.


Learning material for this course can be found on the digital platform OLAT.

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Dienstag ab 14.10. von 9-12.30 Uhr, 14-tägig, Besprechungszimmer Soziologie