611356 Project Seminar in Cultural Studies B

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Project Seminar in Cultural Studies B
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The field trip of the Project Seminar of Cultural Studies Ecuador should pass on social and intercultural skills, as well as linguistic abilities. 

After the field trip the students should be able to make connections between global issues and development policies with regard to Latin America and with a particular focus on Ecuador. They will also be able to interlink recent topics with regard to Latin-American with focus on Ecuador. 

During the field trip, which lasts one month, the students get to know different social projects in Ecuador and help themselves working as volunteers.

The students will pass on pedagogical material to teachers and social workers. Furthermore they will be helping in class and preparing workshops for children and adolescents from Macas.

Especially the intercultural exchange and the fact that they are learning from each other are key aspects of the field trip.

The students also get to know the vast cultural and scenic variety of Ecuador, visiting different cities (Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil) and regions (Amazonian).

Preparing  pedagogical and didactic material, workshops and presentations.

Exchange with the local population.

Permanent participation (presentations, workshops, working directly with the children and the adolecents).

Will be discussed in the first lesson

Completion of the Project Seminar Cultural Studies: Ecuador in the summer term 2014.

Enrolment is only possible in combination with the Project Seminar Cultural Studies A: Ecuador.

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Date Time Location
Sun 2014-12-14
10.00 - 17.00 50105/2 SR 50105/2 SR Barrier-free