702542 Gender Relevant Aspects in Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Physics

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Gender Relevant Aspects in Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Physics
VO 2
every 2nd year

Students of this module have been given insights into topic areas that are covered by the content of modules 1-22.

Findings of research in the most important scientific fields:

Approaches to understand differences between women / girls and men / boys in their relationships to mathematics, computer-science, physics  (of sociological, psychololgical, biological and further origin) are provided.


Important notions  and theorys in social science:

For instance these cover dealing with communication, sozialisation, development of society and ways of reasearch, that are practiced in research on gender-questions.

These notions / theorys are  as well topics of their own beyond their use in gender-contexts.

Object of thematising these in specific is an important contribution to development of a deep unterstanding of gender-questions on part of the students, on one hand, and a broaedening of  their perspective on their studies, on the other hand.


Positions in feminism:

Actual positions and those, that have been hold and broadly discussed gainfully before, are important in order to give students some insights into feminist debates.


Definitions of gender-sensibility:

Meaning of ender-sensible states in prominent fields of society and specific measures to reach these are worked out and disccussed. Measures include big ones, that have to be organized and as well small ones, that indiviual members of society (that is, students themselves as well) can carry out in their environments.



Features of mathematics, computer science, physics:

These features cover chracteristic methods and methodology. By these differences between mathematics, computer science, physics become visible and as well common aspects.

Object is development of knowledge  about the studies on part of the students and of a deeper understanding of gender-related differences between their studies.

The lecturer gives inputs on the issues to introduce these, and to deepen their understanding, inputs are followed by guided discussions.

In specific important for learning and development of understanding by students are their group-works on tasks presented on work-sheets / further materials  within the sessions of the lecture (at the 2 weekends, on which it takes place).  

Important  for learning / understanding of students are as well  their group-works on selected tasks, which they carry out in their groups outside the sessions of the lecture (the 2 weekends) and results of which they present within the lecture and discuss with the lecturer and their fellow-students.


Grades, students gain, result from their activities / performance within and outside the  lecture.  

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