822180 Gender Mainstreaming in Architecture

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Gender Mainstreaming in Architecture
SE 2
every 2 weeks

Knowledge of fundamental positions in Gender Studies; Conciousness about problems related to gender justice and gender mainstreaming in the context of space (production).

Space- power – sex

When Virgina Woolf demanded “a room of one's own” in her 1929 essay, she not only stated the essential premises for writing women but the asymmetrical, gender-specific structure of rooms in our society, as well. Space – its accessibility, appropriation, presentation, character and use – is inextricably intertwined with power and power dynamic. Every space is hegemonially structured, and gender is  the most important principle of segregation besides ethnos and social class.

The strategy of gender mainstreaming aims to achieve equalization of the sexes based on the theory that there is no gender-neutral reality. The background is the complex scientific knowledge of the category gender. How this knowledge is translated in the societal practice of gender politics is crucial in the decision if current, heteronormative conditions are criticized and changed or reproduced. This seminar aims to deal with the field of controversy between the theory of interdisciplinary gender studies and the practice of gender mainstreaming. Following an introduction to formation and development of gender studies, we study questions and modes of representation, construction and deconstruction of gender as well as points of discussion related to gender justice in the context of space (production). The debate is based on central theses and texts from feminist theories, gender and queer studies and examples from architecture, literature and contemporary art.

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants).

compulsory attendance, continuous assessment

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

This lecture cooresponds for lecture Gender Aspects in Engineering for Students of the Master Programme Domotronics, Mechatronics and Civil Engineering

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