822277 Archive Studies: Jugendstil / Art Nouveau. Beginn der Moderne um 1900

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Archive Studies: Jugendstil / Art Nouveau. Beginn der Moderne um 1900
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The student should learn a deeper understanding of constructions of the so-called Holzmeister-School (period 1920-1980). The description and analysis is discussed exemplarily on the basis of selected examples from different building types.

Topic of the seminar is the so-called Holzmeister-school. Clemens Holzmeister (1886 in Fulpmes in Tyrol - 1983 in Hallein / Salzburg) was one of the most successful Austrian architects, and with a total of more than 700 students he was one of the most influential teachers of his time. As a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (1924-1938, 1954-1957) and the Technical University of Istanbul (1940-1949) and as director of the master class of architecture at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf (1928-1932) he influenced generations of architects. They include Hans Hollein, Josef Lackner, William Holzbauer and Gustav Peichl in the younger, als well as Erich Pattis, Otto Strohmayr and Hubert Prachensky in the older generation.

At the Archives for architecture an extensive research to Clemens Holzmeister and the architecture of the "moderate modernity" in the 20th century has been running for two years. The seminar takes up this theme. In the lessons and excursions, the current results will be discussed with students. Buildings and projects of Holzmeister and / or his disciples are thus studied exemplarily.
In the seminar selected buildings of Holzmeister and his students are to be discussed and analyzed. The course is conducted as a block seminar. By appointment only. Prerequisite for the acquisition of the certificate is the regular attendance at the meeting and adoption of a presentation. Final oral examination.
Several excursions to outstanding buildings will complement the course.

oral presentation; excursion participation; final oral examination

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Participation in the 2nd International Holzmeister Symposium at the archive for architecture 16th-18th October 2014 is mandatory. Info and registration at http://archiv-baukunst.uibk.ac.at or in the introductory course

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Introductional Lecture: 1.10.2013, 6:15 p.m. Archiv für Baukunst, Lois Welzenbacherplatz 1 (Adambräu), 6th Floor, 6020 Innsbruck

nach Aushang, Institut