640131 Selected Akkadian Texts II: Assyrian royal inscriptions

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Selected Akkadian Texts II: Assyrian royal inscriptions
SE 2
every 2nd year

Strengthening of subject-specific skills through work with Akkadian texts; experience in working with cuneiform writing; strengthening of linguistic competence; examination of topics related to the texts with consideration of current research tendencies and controversies; recognition and resolution of linguistic problems, critical evaluation of statements in the texts, autonomous formulation of findings in scientific form as well as a form adaptable to various media, in a format that is intelligible to all.

lecture and philological working with Akkadian texts

Preparing the transcription and translations of the Akkadian cuneiform texts and jointly discussing the contents

Participation during the course and final exam at the end of the semester

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First teaching unit: Tue, 3rd of March, 2015 | 13:00-16:00 | Atrium, 4th floor, room 04N-20 (Depot)

Block, Atrium - Zentrum für Alte Kulturen, Langer Weg 11