704009 Introductory lab course 2

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Introductory lab course 2
PR 4
Eleven key experiments in optics, waves, atomic , solid state and semiconductor physics will be carried out. The measurements are critically analyzed and evaluated.
  1. Specific charge of the electron
  2. Resonance-tube
  3. Black body radiation
  4. Semiconductor devices
  5. Transformer
  6. Michelson Interferometer
  7. Light emitting and laser diodes
  8. Microwaves
  9. Radioactivity
  10. Speed of light
  11. Millikan experiment
The Experiments are done in groups of two students. Instructions for the experiments are available in OLAT. Short quizzes will be given at the beginning of each weeks lab to assess your knowledge. Raw data must be recorded in your lab notebook. The lab reports (pasted into the lab notebook) are due each following Tuesday at 2pm on the 4th floor (south hallway). If for important reasons you have difficulties meeting the deadline, please make alternative arrangements with the instructor in charge of the respective experiment. Lab reports that are late without permission will not be graded and the experiment has to be repeated in a make-up session.

Assessment is based on Preparation (20%), Lab notes (20%), Reports (60%)

Instructions (OLAT); Kohlrausch, Praktische Physik, Bd. 3; Bergmann -Schäfer, Experimentalphysik, Bd.1- Bd. 4

Requirements: GP 1, VO or PS Atome + Festkörperphysik; Organization: Thomas Monz
Do, 14.15-17.15, Praktikumsräume 0/402