720219 Psychological assessment and report writing

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Psychological assessment and report writing
SE 2
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The seminar should enable students to write psychological reports by using several examples of existing reports.

The Focus of the seminar is on methodological aspects and diagnostic methods of traffic psychological assessment. In this seminar several different psychological diagnostic methods are considered (i.e. anamnesis, psychological interview, personality and psychometric tests able to measure perfomance ability and /or behavioral disposition, test drive and behavioral observation. Another important purpose of the seminar is to discuss and reflect goals and contents of the psychological reports and to illustrate the role of the research on predictors in traffic psychological assessment.      

Seminar, exercise and discussion based lessons      

Written examination    

Urteilsbildung in der Fahreignungsdiagnostik – Beurteilungskriterien,  3. Auflage 2013, Herausgegeben von der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Verkehrspsychologie (DGVP) und der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Verkehrsmedizin (DGVM), Bonn: Kirschbaum Verlag; Grundriss Schubert, W., Schneider, W., Eisenmenger, W. & Stephan, E. (2005). Begutachtungsleitlinien  zur Kraftfahreignung, 2. Auflage, Bonn: Kirschbaum Verlag;      Dorfer, M. (2004). Psicologia del Traffico. Analisi e trattamento del comportamento alla guida. Milano: McGrawHill.

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Mon 2015-03-16
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Mon 2015-04-13
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Mon 2015-05-11
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Mon 2015-06-08
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