323130 European and International Labour and Social Law (lecture)

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European and International Labour and Social Law (lecture)
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Aim of the lecture is to convey a detailed knowledge of the relevant Labour and Social Securities Law regulation of European Union Law as well as the explication of issues which may arise during the implementation into Austrian Law.

The lecture offers an overview regarding the relevant regulations on Labour and Social Securities Law within the European Union and their effects on the national legal systems as well as the concrete implementation of the requirements found within European Union Law into national Law and the jurisdiction of the European Courts and their important role in forming the European Union Law. A central topic in the course of this lecture is the freedom of movement for workers as a foundation of the European Union. Regarding Social Securities Law, the role of Social Security in its European manifestation shall be examined.

Lecture with active participation of students.

Written examination at the end of the semester.

Shall be discussed during the first lession.

Further seminar dates will be discussed in the first session.