640109 Philological Work with Sumerian Texts I: Inscriptions of Gudea

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Philological Work with Sumerian Texts I: Inscriptions of Gudea
SE 2

Building on the basic knowledge, students enhance their language competence of Sumerian up to a level which enables them to work scientifically with texts of this language; in particular they will be in a position to recognise language-linguistic problems of Sumerian and to find solutions, to judge the texts critically with regard to their content, to present the results in scientific form and to prepare themselves thoroughly with various media.

Reading and discussing the inscriptions of Gudea of Lagash.

Preparing the transcription and translation of the Sumerian cuneiform texts and jointly discussing the contents.

Participation during the course and term paper

Marie-Louise Thomsen, The Sumerian Language. Mesopotamia 10. Copenhagen.
Dietz Otto Edzard, Sumerian Grammar. HdO. Brill
René Labat, Manuel d'épigraphie akkadienne. Paris. Geuthner.

positive completion of elective module 24

Due to substantial differences in the allocation of ECTS-Credits in various curricula (BA Classica et Orientalia 2009 and BA Classica et Orientalia 2015), the requirements for this course vary. Information will be provided by the instructor at the beginning of the course.