641223 Cultural Law

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Cultural Law
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In this course, the students are informed on the legal possibilities and limits when dealing with the results of the cultural creativity as well as on what rights they have in today’s society to preserve their own rights of personality. Culture in this context is understood in the broad sense, namely not only as arts but as everything that is creatively produced by the human and in particular as the reality of life created by human beings. Nowadays, the individual has direct access to countless objects which are the result of the creative activity of third parties, such as films, music, texts and photos on the internet, and finds itself confronted again and again by the uncertainty if it is actually allowed to do what it is technically easily capable of. At the same time, there is a need to have control over one’s own creative and innovative performances and to protect them from undesirable use by third parties. Finally, the human being also finds itself exposed to the risk that third parties publish personal data and information (photos etc.) on it (e.g. on social networks) which it wants to keep private or which are false or defamatory. The students shall therefore also acquire knowledge on personality rights and the data protection rights.

Origins and development of Intellectual property, copyright law, design law, trade mark law and patent law, rights and violation of rights on the internet, recognition and protection of personality rights, e.g. media law, fundamental rights, data protection law, rights management and enforcement of rights, duties of collecting societies .

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants).

Presentation and written exam

is provided during the course

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Fri 2015-10-09
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Fri 2015-10-23
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Fri 2015-11-06
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Fri 2015-11-20
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Fri 2015-12-04
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Fri 2015-12-18
09.00 - 12.00 40123 40123 Barrier-free
Fri 2016-01-22
09.00 - 12.00 40123 40123 Barrier-free
Fri 2016-02-05
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