718658 Anaerobic Microorganisms

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Anaerobic Microorganisms
UE 3
every 2nd year

Understanding of various physiological, ecological and methodological questions concerning strictly and facultative anaerobic microorganisms

In the laboratory course the main cultivation techniques for anaerobic microorganisms in different habitats (eg. from the food industry, biogas production, anoxigenic photosynthesis) are trained. Anaerobic (pure) cultures are obtained and their physiological characteristics determined.

Methods for culturing anaerobic microorganisms (glove box, Widdel flask, anaerobic char etc.), gas chromatography (GC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). molecular methods.

Continuous assessment

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The assignment to the laboratory course (and the seminar) will be at the pre-departure meeting of the Institute of Microbiology at the beginning of the semester.

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