720061 Seminar for Practice and Consolidation: Sexuality - Gender - Bodies

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Seminar for Practice and Consolidation: Sexuality - Gender - Bodies
SE 2
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• exploration of the meaning and effect of social norms

• Introduction to theoretical and methodological approaches from the fields of discours analysis, queer theory and psychological gender research.

• Dealing with the changing orders of gender relations in the context of sexuality and body discourses.

• awareness of the construction of gender, sexuality and the bodies in the context of standardization processes in terms of their impact on psychological practice.

• develop and enhance the capacity for critical analysis of theoretical concepts, empirical realities and mediated content in psychology

• Reflections with the broad field of human sexuality

Gender, sexuality and bodies are ubiquitous in images, reports, films, and also as a topic of conversation. Against the background of social and cultural process of change, which can be characterized by pluralism of forms of life and love, more dynamic identity, dissolution of gender boundaries and decoupling of sexuality and reproduction, interesting psychological themes and issues emerge.

The seminar is a study of prevailing discourses in the context of gender, sexuality and bodies, standardization practices and subjective theories. Based on the social constructivism we will understand these topics as a historicall, culturall and sociall constructions of reality.

The theoreticalframework of the seminar is provided by: classify sexual science, social constructivism, discourse analysis, queer theory, psychoanalysis and psychological approaches from gender studies and the reflexive social psychology.

General introduction to the subject by the course director; Small group work and presentations on selected topics; guest lectures will surround and enhance; in the center of the seminar are open collegial discussions

active participation, written or oral discussion of topics of the seminar

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Aigner, Josef Christian; Hug, Theo; Schuegraf, Martina; Tillmann, Angela: Medialisierung und Sexualisierung. Vom Umgang mit Körperlichkeit und Verkörperungsprozessen im Zuge der Digitalisierung (Digitale kultur und kommunikation, 4).

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Sigusch, Volkmar (2005): Neosexualitäten. Über den kulturellen Wandel von Liebe und Perversion. Frankfurt/Main, New York: Campus.

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Tue 2015-10-06
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Tue 2015-11-03
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