731010 Physical processes and textile materials

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Physical processes and textile materials
PR 2
Impartment of knowledge about essential physical properties of textile materials and introduction to important topics of material testing
Physical properties of textile materials, effect of electromagnetic radiation on textile structures, characterization of thermal behaviour, description of relevant electric properties, deterioration and weathering, sorption phenomena of fibrous substances, zeta potential, transport phenomena in textile structures, chemo-physical processes to effect changes of physical properties
Practical training in small groups
Course with continuous assessment of student performance
Ullmann's Fibres 1 and 2, Wiley-VCH, ISBN 978-3-527-31772-1 Wolfgang Bobeth, Textile Faserstoffe, ISBN 3-540-55697-4 Reumann, R.-D.: Prüfverfahren in der Textil-und Bekleidungstechnik, Springer Verlag, .ISBN 3-540-66147-6
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