800918 Occupational Health: A workplace issue

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Occupational Health: A workplace issue
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Participants have a base level of knowledge in occupational health programs. They are aware of the issue that is Workplace Health. They recognize and understand workplace health promotion projects and are in the position to support these. As future leaders, participants recognize the first signs of mental overload in their employees and are qualified to respond appropriately.
For a sustainable occupational health management strategy to be introduced, it is important that issues such as “health and sickness” are openly discussed in relation to organizational values, norms and accepted behaviors. The main focus will be considering questions such as: “What keeps employees healthy? and “Which organizational, technical and social factors make employees sick? Mental sicknesses in the workplace should be at best avoided through a healthy balance between mental stress and mental challenge. However, what should one do when first signs of burnout, depression or alcohol misuse etc. show up in the workplace? The actions of the leadership is in such organizational phases/crisis is of critical importance. The possibilities and boundaries of organizational responsibility and ideas for individual resource optimization will be discussed.
compulsory attendance, discussion/group work

will be introduced in the first lesson

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