825070 Urban Development - Urban Design

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Urban Development - Urban Design
SE 3

Awareness of the landscape and its features. Building in and with the landscape under ecological conditions. Deepening of the designing and creative skills in landscape architectural design and recognition of the interaction between nature, architecture and people.

Topic: rurallab uganda (urbanlab.info)

The charitable association „kinderneinechance“ is engaged to build schools and infrastructure in Uganda, Central Africa for years, to enable Children school education and a secure future. Because of the limited possibilities, the lax legislation and the functional simpleness the buildings are designed currently on an A4 paper with simple hand drawings and then implemented.

The association asked us to help by the planning, the construction and the design in the framework of architectural student projects and we promised directly and impulsively.


The specific task is to develop urban and landscape architectural ecological concepts for two educational campus and hereafter to design the necessary buildings as well as the outdoor spaces detailed and sustainable.

The goal of the association is to build the best projects, to impart knowledge and know-how to the locals and to create new jobs. The creation of fundamental requirements can launch a self-generated process to enable a useful and sustainable development of the population and the nature.

For the students it is possible to supervise the building implementation of the projects.

Research-led teaching with practical relevance.

Basic research, ideation, design of landscape architectural concept and architectural design. Integration into the landscape laboratory (platform for information exchange and discussion).  

Design process and the consequential project. Presentation.


Will be discussed in the framework of the introduction.

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Monday, 09.03.2015, 09.00 – 14.00 at the institute

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every Monday, 09.00 – 14.00 at the institute


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