223910 Seminar from the Dissertation Area

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Seminar from the Dissertation Area
SE 2
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Gain deeper insight into the constitutional law of churches and the relationship between state and religious communities.

Structures play a major role in the catholic church as well as in other religious communities. Structured churches and religious communities are facing the state that attributes high significance to officially recognised churches in today`s society. The seminar addresses internal church reforms announced by Pope Francis shortly after he had taken office and in his Apostolic Letter Evangelii Gaudium respectively (Roman curia, decentralisation, strengthening responsibility of laypeople and women etc.). Furthermore it turns the attention to the question of what a church set up in this way may expect from and will have a claim on the state that is ideologically neutral. The seminar will be combined with a session that addresses all these issues from the perspective of different religious communities.

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants).

Written examination

Will be discussed in the first lesson.


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