306380 Rhetoric, negotiating and reasoning techniques (lecture)

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Rhetoric, negotiating and reasoning techniques (lecture)
VU 2
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A new, more powerful style of speech that is based on your individual expression and persuasion and creating your unique brand ME ®; inner and outer smile, natural gestures, the rays and the serenity of the winner.

Remove negative items in the non-verbal behavior and verbal communication ruthlessly eliminate devaluation and submission trends and weak, passive and negative word choice. The participant works out their personal strength as a basis for their positive and future-oriented self-presentation. Participants polish their charisma, sharpen and strengthen their presentation skills and practice this in a reenactment “US Presidents” speech. Participants learn the fundaments of rhetoric; how to influence and change opinion and structure effective speeches.

Theoretical input, presentations, followed by video analysis, individual and team work in a “buddy system”

Oral exam

Lecture notes available in the course

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Registration is required! Attendance is mandatory. Limited number of participants (max 18 students)

AV Studio: GEIWI Tower, 2 Stock (RoomNr 52d0213)

Mi 09.03.2016 - Fr 11.03.2016, jeweils von 09.00 - 17.00 Uhr, AV Studio (GEIWI-Turm, 2. Stock, RaumNr 52d0213)