324904 Field Trip to the City of Vienna

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Field Trip to the City of Vienna
EX 2
every 2nd year

Discussion with Viennese colleagues; visiting sites of high relevance for Austrian Legal History.

Presentation of papers prepared for Seminar LV No. 324905. In addition, we will visit some selected sites which are important for Austrian legal history (including a guided tour at the Constitutional Court)

Only for participants of the Seminar for Constitutional History (“Rise and fall of a young democracy. Austria 1918 until 1934”). The number of participants is limited (15).

The associated seminar will be realised in cooperation with colleagues from the University of Vienna. The field trip and the seminar will take place in May or June 2016 (three days from Thursday until Saturday). The preliminary meeting takes place on March 8, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. Room 2025, Main Building, Innrain 52.