325117 Civil Proceeding Law

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Civil Proceeding Law
VO 1
Provide basic knowledge about the system of Italian procedural law.
Focus on some institutions of civil procedural law, even in comparison with Austrian civil procedural law. Practical examples.
A quick introduction followed by a marked part of the practical aspects of the discipline. Meetings with practical law experts (judges and lawyers). Opportunity to participate in an excursion to the Court of Bolzano in order to attend some hearings.
Written exams.
Codice di procedura civile; Bauer (Hg.); Italienische ZPO, Athesia 1996

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Fri 2016-06-10
14.00 - 20.00 Hörsaal E Hörsaal E Barrier-free
Sat 2016-06-11
08.30 - 14.30 Hörsaal E Hörsaal E Barrier-free