434649 VO Applied empirical finance

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VO Applied empirical finance
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Students learn about the basic methodological concepts as well as the most important methods and models in finance and how to choose, apply, and interpret them with respect to the research question of interest. First and foremost, students learn about strengths and weaknesses of the concepts discussed as well as their field of application. In a hands-on approach all discussed methods are applied in the computer lab.

Hypothesis Testing, Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Tests, Time Series Analysis, Panel Data Models, Event Studies

Lecture, discussion, case studies

written exam

The contents of the course are covered – inter alia – in the following text books:

  • Greene, W. H. (2011): “Econometric Analysis”, Prentice Hall, 7th edition.
  • Sheskin, D. J. (2000): “Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures”, Chapman & Hall, 2nd edition.
  • Campbell, J. Y. / Lo, A. W. / MacKinlay, A. C. (1996): “The Econometrics of Financial Markets”, Princeton University Press.
  • Alexander, C. (2001): “Market Models – A Guide to Financial Data Analysis”, Wiley.

Papers and additional reading material will be provided via OLAT.

Positive grades of the modules according to § 7 Abs. 1 Z 2 to 5.

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Wed 2016-05-11
09.00 - 13.45 ZID Sowi AR 5 ZID Sowi AR 5
Wed 2016-05-18
09.00 - 13.45 ZID Sowi AR 5 ZID Sowi AR 5
Wed 2016-05-25
09.00 - 13.45 ZID Sowi AR 5 ZID Sowi AR 5