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Literatur und andere Künste - Literaturwissenschaft
SE 2
every 2nd year

Clarification of theoretical concepts, introduction to the history of literature and cinema of Naples after 1945.

Naples as a city of porosity (W. Benjamin) is a mythical city. During the 17th and the early 18th century, it had to be considered, next to Paris and London, one of Europe’s richest cities in terms of culture. In the 20th century the city had to struggle against the consequences of a miscarried industrialization, misguided politics and the further diffusion of Camorristic crime structures. “It's easy to love Naples seen from the ocean”. – Wrote Walter Benjamin with a hint of irony. The objective of this Seminario will be to get on the track of the culture and the myth emitted from the city of Naples in the 20th century. Within this thematic context, the social reportage of Anna Maria Ortese, the theatre and the poetry of Eduardo de Filippo, the cinematic tributes to Naples of Totò and the childhood novels by Fabrizia Ramondino, Elisabetta Rasys and Raffaele La Capria, will be the objects of analyzation. The conclusion of the Seminario schedules an excursion, which enables the students to discover at first hand / individually the locations and scenes of Neapolitan cinema and literature

In the first part of the course, the lectures are given by the teacher and cover a first theoretical approach to the issues. The second part of the course (Giornata di studio and excursions) is supported by the students who will delve into topics proposed by the teacher, in reports and presentations.

Active participation in class-discussion; report on a chosen topics; written essay.


Raffaele La Capria: Napoli. Mondadori 2009.

Giuseppe Montesano: Di questa vita menzognera. Feltrinelli, 2003.

Anna Maria Ortese: Il mare non bagna a Napoli (1953). Adelphi 2014.

Fabrizia Ramondino: Althénopis. Einaudi 1995.


Teatro e cinema di Edoardo de Filippo (p.e. Napolitani a Milano)

Saviano: Gomorra; Garrone: Gomorra


La commedia napoletana (Totò e Troisi)

Il Cinema contemporaneo (p.e. di A. Capuano)

Only for students of 2. Studienabschnitt or Master students!

The seminar takes place in a framework with the Projektseminars of Gerhild Fuchs. We will organize un Studientag and one excursion to Naples together. Therefore the first part of the seminar will take place at the beginning of the semester with one appointment every week, for each of the first five weeks. In this part the basics will be studied via relevant readings in the fields of film history, film and literature studies. The second part will take place as a Studientag in Innsbruck (N.N) and our journey to Naples.  There, the films which were chosen together will be analysed and discussed and 

 Please, enrol if you can definitively participate at the workshop!

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Thu 2016-03-10
12.00 - 13.30 40801 SR 40801 SR Barrier-free
Thu 2016-03-17
12.00 - 13.30 40801 SR 40801 SR Barrier-free
Thu 2016-04-07
12.00 - 13.30 40801 SR 40801 SR Barrier-free
Thu 2016-04-14
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Thu 2016-04-21
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Tue 2016-04-26
09.30 - 13.00 4U102b 4U102b Barrier-free Induction loops for hearing impaired Studientag
Thu 2016-04-28
12.00 - 13.30 40801 SR 40801 SR Barrier-free
Thu 2016-06-09
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