627179 Approaching foreign languages via drama pedagogy

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Approaching foreign languages via drama pedagogy
PS 1
every 3rd semester
  • Students are able to academically describe drama pedagogy in the context of learning.
  • Students are able to critically analyze approaches of drama pedagogy for the language classroom.
  • Students are able to transfer methodologies of drama pedagogy into the language classroom.

Creative language use is a crucial part of the foreign language classroom in order to evoke a pupil’s pleasure in foreign language learning. Drama and theatrical approaches seem to be a further puzzle piece to reach this goal. The seminar Approaching foreign languages via drama pedagogy offers students the possibility to get in touch with methods of drama pedagogy and to use and analyze theatrical techniques. Students will elaborate exercises based on drama pedagogy (CERF A2-B1) and they will experience these, as well.

Input by lecturer, discussions, pair and group work

  • Active participation in the class
  • Portfolio

To be announced in class

The admission to the course follows the conditions of admission (for information please consult the IMoF website: http://www.uibk.ac.at/imof/lehre.html).

Completion of introductory module of IMoF.

This course is part of IMoF's Middle Module (Mittelmodul). This seminar is exclusively meant for students studying two foreign languages and functions as a compensation course. For students of English this course can only be used as an optional course (Wahlfach), and not as an IMoF middle module course.



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Date Time Location
Sat 2016-05-28
08.30 - 16.30 40528 40528 Barrier-free
Sat 2016-06-04
08.30 - 16.30 40506 SR 40506 SR Barrier-free